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Design Mesh Innovation Lab: Empowering businesses through transformative expertise in design thinking, lean startup, innovation management, and user experience (UX&UI). Accelerate growth and unlock your potential with our tailored consultancy and training services.

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Collaborative Innovation Projects

Inodash: Empowering Collaborative Innovation to Build New Ventures

Inodash is a transformative collaborative innovation management software developed by Gooinn, Design Mesh Innovation Lab, and Bro Design. Built on the Venture Builder methodology, Inodash streamlines operations, empowers startups, and provides real-time insights for program managers. With user-centric design and continuous improvements, Inodash revolutionizes program and project management, shaping the future of business acceleration.


DesignX Startup Accelerator: Igniting Innovation through Design Thinking

DesignX Startup Accelerator is a dynamic 2-month program that merges technology and design to foster creative products and services. Led by the Izmir University of Economics, this accelerator empowers entrepreneurs through design thinking methodologies. With immersive workshops, mentoring, and prototype production, participants present their ideas at Demo Day to potential investors. DesignX sparks innovation, collaboration, and the birth of sustainable startups.


Revolutionizing Civic Engagement: Empowering Izmir City with a Solidarity and Communication Platform

By addressing communication challenges and information overload, we designed a Solidarity and Communication Platform that empowered citizens and fostered a sense of unity. Through user research and innovative features, the app facilitated idea pitching, easy content access, and vital announcements, setting a new standard for citizen-centric governance.

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